Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DIY | Canvas Art

I don't know how many times I have looked at DIY projects on Pinterest and "pin" them for later, knowing most of the time I won't have enough guts to actually try one. Maybe I am alone on this one, but I can't help but keep those DIY projects aside for the possibility that I may actually do one. 
So we have below my very first DIY project. I found this on Pinterest from Home and Garden Design Ideas and immediately thought this couldn't be too difficult. Yes it is very easy, but man it took a little bit more time and thought process before hand then I had initial thought. 
So my first step was, head to my local craft store! 

What You Will Need:

9 3x3 Canvas
Scrapbook paper of your choosing (Will be used as the base design)
2 Paint Brushes
A Sponge Applicator
Mod Podge
2 Different Colored Acrylic Paint
Scissors (or anything to cut the scrapbook paper)
Any type of bowl to pour the paint in.
Stencil (optional)
Any other decorative stickers (optional)


The first thing I did was cut out 9 3x3 size pieces of scrapbook paper (its okay if there is a little bit hanging off the edge of the canvas, we will take care of that later). I chose to go with a pearl color paper with solid white designs on them. (I got my scrapbook paper from Hobby lobby in a pack, so it came with multiple designs) Out of the pack I chose to go with two different designs, one had thin stripes (which I used on 5 canvases along the outer part), and the second design I went with was a rose pattern (which I used on the last 4 and bunched together).

I chose the white/pearl scrapbook paper because I planned to add another element in a light pink shade on top of the scrapbook paper to add dimension.
Once I cut out all 9 pieces of scrapbook paper I laid them out on top of the canvas to be sure the design is how I wanted it to look. Once I was certain I used the mod podge to adhere the paper to the canvas. I used one of the paint brushes to "paint" on the mod podge onto the canvas. Be careful and use a thin layer of mod podge because it will dry faster and won't wrinkle the scrapbook paper when applied on the canvas.

After I applied the mod podge and scrapbook paper, I let them dry over night, just to be sure they are completely dry.

Once I was certain the mod podge was dry, any of the edges that had scrapbook paper hanging over the edge, I took an exacto-knife and cut the extra edges off. Be careful not to cut at the canvas.

The next thing I did was lay the canvases out the way I wanted them to hang on the wall. After I had them laid out the way I wanted, I took my rose stencil and placed it where and how I wanted it to be. I then took my light pink acrylic paint and a sponge and applied the paint to the stencil in a dabbing motion. I chose to use a sponge instead of a paint brush because I didn't want any streak marks and the sponge adds a more natural look to it.
After the first rose was complete, I took the stencil off and  let the painted rose dry completely before continuing onto another rose. I did this to be sure I didn't smudge any of the paint.

I just continued with the paint and stencil until I was happy with the amount of roses on the canvases. Once all of the roses were completely dry, I took another acrylic paint that was glitter instead of a solid color and added it to the edges of each rose. I did this step to add another layer of dimension. The glitter wasn't very noticable, but I thought it added just the right amount of dimension without looking tacky.

Once all the paint was dry, I added some light pink bead stickers and placed them randomly, anywhere I thought was too spacious but couldn't fit a rose.

The instructions I got the idea from stated to paint the edges the same color as the paint on your wall. I decided to leave the edges of mine all white, because my scrapbook paper is white also. My walls are a light gray, so I thought the contrast on the edges of the canvas and the white scrapbook paper wouldn't look quite right.

I thought this DIY was so easy to complete. It took a little bit more of a thought process for the design than I had originally thought, but I am so happy with the way it looks when completed. It matches the theme I have planned for the master bathroom perfectly!

Hope you all try this DIY project and if you do, please share your creations!

Have a wonderful day! =)

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