Sunday, July 13, 2014

All Things Avie | Fourth of July | 2014

Hey lovelies! Long time no blog. So I thought I would share a little bit of what my hubby and I did for 4th of July.

December of last year my hubby and I became homeowners. We fell in love with a house that was located on a fully stocked pond. Spring has gone and Summer has been around for quite some time, but we haven't had the time to really enjoy the pond. Then came 4th of July. We spent a lot of time out in our backyard and did some good ole fishing. We spent the time out on the pond with our lovely dog and he loved fishing just as much as we did. Keep in mind the fish are nothing huge, but it was fun to constantly catch fish. If you know anything about fishing in rivers or the ocean, the fish don't bite all that often. It was also nice to just walk out in our back yard and not have to travel somewhere. I was lucky to catch the shot of my hubby and our dog on the edge of our property together. My favorite picture of the day by far.

I got some great shots of our dog out by the waters edge. He loved sitting watching us do our thing, every once in a while he would jump up to try and help reel the fish in. I'm not going to lie, I was nervous at first, because this was the first time letting him do his own thing by the edge of the water. He did so wonderful and made me so proud! hehe :)

After spending quite a bit of our day outside, we went to one of the firework stands near our house and bought ourselves some fireworks. Since we live out in the county instead of city limits, we are allowed to shoot our own fireworks. Which we took full advantage of. haha :D After watching the sunset, we were completely ready for fireworks.
I personally am no pro at shopping for fireworks, all I know I was I wanted ones that went up into the sky and didn't stay close to the ground. Well that was a fail! Lol, but nonetheless, I still enjoyed lighting our own fireworks.

So I felt very festive this fourth of July and decided to do my make-up using red, white, and blue. The only way I was able to incorporate the red was by using some of my red lipstick, because I didn't have any red eyeshadow or anything close to it. I used some white eyeliner to line the lower lashline, so I could place the blue eyeshadow on the outer half.
I loved how the look turned out, it wasn't too flashy, but it wasn't too settle either. It was right up my alley, and I had fun creating it also. The only thing I would change would to make sure the picture I took showed how vibrant the blue was under my lower lashline. haha ;)

I had a very wonderful Fourth of July. We didn't do anything spectacular, but I enjoyed spending time with my hubby and not stressing over everyday life. Which makes me super estatic for the vacation we are taking in August! It is much needed and will be so much fun.

Hope you all had a great Fourth of July as well & I hope you enjoyed the pieces I shared with you all.

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