Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Mind of Avie | Sunday Thanks

East Coast Chic

While I was catching up on blog posts (writing and reading others), I came across a fellow blogger (Caroline - East Coast Chic) who took a moment and listed 3-5 things she is thankful for the past week. Along with her list of things she was thankful, she turned it into a linky party where we can all see who joined in on the Sunday Thanks and see what we all were thankful for! I thought this was such a great idea and I just had to join!
Lets get this list started:
  1.  Just yesterday, my hubby and I had some family come visit. I love having family come around and I can't wait until they visit again.

  2. I'm very very very thankful that we are able to take vacation in two days and on top of that get to see family on my side we haven't seen in over 5 years!
  3. Just like Caroline I am overly excited for FOOTBALL! More excited for college football, but nonetheless, I can not wait!
  4. I am also super excited and thankful over all the wonderful love I have been getting for my blog on all of my social media sites. It feels so awesome!
I encourage all of you guys to join in on this great idea! I really enjoyed sitting here thinking about everything I am thankful for.

Can I also mention how fast July went by. I have no idea where it went, but I seriously felt like I just post my monthly favorites and it is that time of the month again. (Granted I posted late, haha) Stay tuned for that, I have some favorites that stayed the same and I have added some new goodies! :D

See you all in the next post lovelies!



  1. Hi, Avie! I just wanted to stop by to let you know that I've nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. You can check out the link here:

  2. It's so important to count our blessings! I am absolutely loving your new banner and photos, the site looks great Avie! Congrats!!

    1. Thanks hun!! I'm so excited to see changes I've made make a difference! :)