Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Photography | New DSLR

My hiatus has officially ended! The world around me had finally slowed down enough for me to sit down and do some blogging, I have truly missed it and all of the interaction with everyone. So stay tuned for more photography posts, beauty posts/reviews, and more! 

Meet the new love of my life; Canon Rebel SL1. She is so easy to carry and lightweight. I recently took her on a trip to Washington State and let me tell you, it was so easy to carry her around. I swear most of the weight in my camera bag came from my extra lens! 

Here's a sneak peak at some photos i've taken so far with my new camera. Stay tuned for many more posts based on my pictures. Thanks again to all that have stuck around during my hiatus! 

Once I get back into the groove, posts will start to come out more often. Let me know what you guys would like to see in a future post. I do have a post coming out soon reviewing some new Covergirl products that haven't been released yet. Too see a sneak peak of that, check out my Instagram!

Onto some photos! 

There will be a huge trend in my photos at first, my dog. He's the perfect model and doesn't complain, sometimes. :) Hope you all enjoyed. Leave a comment below on any photography tips and anything you guys would love to see on my blog! 


  1. How cute is your puppy and the new camera looks great. I host a link up every Wednesday and would love it if you could stop by and add a link.


    1. Thanks doll! I will love to join your link up! Thanks for stopping by and showing some love! :)