Sunday, April 13, 2014

Home | 10 Organizing Ideas

Hello again! So I was browsing Pinterest & came across a bunch of home organization ideas! Who doesn't love new ideas to organize their home!? I know I love them, so I thought I would share the ones I found the most interesting and the ones I am using!

1. Counter File

This idea is amazing. Like most families, the kitchen seems to always be the last stop on the mail train, and all things junk. So I incorporated this systems into my home and it has worked wonders. It has kept all the counters clutter free & serves its purpose, to store the important things we don't need in the garbage, but don't need right this moment. Give it a whirl, you won't regret it!

2. PVC Pipe Toothbrush Holders

I haven't tried this one personally, but the idea seems amazing and super cheap! It keeps the toothbrushes away from the counters and the hard to clean toothbrush holders. Don't worry, I will be trying this one out & when I do, will post an update on my thoughts throughout the DIY project all the way to usage. 

3. DVD Organizer

Okay, when I saw this on Pinterest, I had a super A-HA moment! I have an extensive Blu-ray collection and the shelf I have it on is starting to get really full. I have been thinking about how or where else to store all the Blu-rays, without having to move any of my decor on the shelf, because there is no doubt I will be buying more movies! So when I saw this post, I said I HAVE to do this one! No questions asked, I will be trying this out! 


4. Spice Organizer

Oh the spice storage problems. I've had issues with my spice cabinet for years, & honestly haven't gave it much thought on how to organize all the spices. My cabinet is just like the typical spice cabinet, just on the shelf, no special layout or anything. So when I saw this one, I thought this is super convenient! I mean not only does it take the clutter out of the cabinet, it makes it so it is super easy to read which spice is which and not to mention the extra shelf you would gain! 

Spice Organization Take 2!
This spice organization is a little different, it uses the shelf you already have, but incorporates a tier system instead of a hanging system. I thought this was another good way to organize the spices, just in case I don't have the space on the actual door itself when shut (if that makes any sense). Nonetheless, this adds more space for more spices and makes the spices more visible. We shall see which one I try!  

5.  Makeup Brush Holder

If you are an avid make up lover like myself, I think you would find this next idea awesome for your make up brushes! I use to have my brushes either stacked up in a drawer with  no type of organization to them at all, or the ones I used the most in a make up bag. Not at all easy to access or see which brush I want to use in the moment, so seeing this made me have another one of those A-HA moments. Simple enough to accomplish and does wonders for your make up brushes! 


6. Instruction Manuals/Warranties Organizer

Okay, another A-HA moment when I saw this post. I seemed to have a lot of those when browsing Pinterest for home organization tips. Well this one was a must when I saw it, I couldn't pass it up and not do this for my home. We all have those instruction manuals and warranties for everything in our homes, myself didn't know what to do with them, so we had them sitting on a shelf in our laundry room cabinet. Not very practical you see, so when I saw this DUH post, I almost felt like an idiot! So if any of you are like me and didn't think of anywhere to store their manuals or warranties, I would most definitely try this one out! It will change your instruction manuals and warranties lives! =]

7. Tactical Wall Concealment

Okay this one goes out to all the tactical lovers, also known as weapon lovers! I am big on having protection in my home, but keeping it out of sight. So when I saw this, I thought it was amazing! Its a storage unit that is hidden, but behind something so practical and probably viewed or looked at everyday! Check it out! 


8. Kitchen Utensil Drawer Organizer

Okay if any one is like me, I just have my cooking utensils thrown in a drawers, no rhyme or reason to how its thrown in there. ;) Again when I saw this I thought immediately this is an awesome idea! Its totally custom and very inexpensive to accomplish! 

9. Ornament Storage

Okay, other than using the original boxes the ornaments came in, I had no storage idea at all. When I saw this post I thought I need to try this with my ornaments. Not only does it store them neatly, I can organize them so much easier. I wouldn't have to worry about the original boxes getting torn up and the bulbs accidentally getting broke, because we all know those boxes aren't exactly the most protective. Also, ornaments don't come in the boxes. So this is a must for me next season!

10. Makeup Magnet Board

This next one is awesome for everyday make up. I loved the idea beause it would be useful for the make up I use everyday and it would open up some more space for more make up! =] Also I loved how it could add some decor to the space also! 

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  1. Cool ideas. What exactly is used for the spice holder? I couldn't figure it out.

    1. Hi Violet! Thanks for stopping by!

      I'm not exactly sure what they are called, but they have these broom and mop holder that holds them by the handles, that you could get at the hardware store. I'm thinking they are using those.