Saturday, April 5, 2014

Memories | New Jersey Vacation

Reminisce is defined as indulging in an enjoyable recollection of past events. 

Today I was thinking about the vacation my husband and I took last year in December. We went to New Jersey to visit family (FINALLY meeting his brothers, sister-n-law, brother's girlfriend, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandma, and nieces for me) and took a weekend trip to New York. 

We spent most of our vacation in New Jersey, visiting family all around the state, went to the Jersey Shore and the Boardwalk (even though it was in the middle of the winter), & enjoying all the diners they had (considering back home, we don't have diners). One thing I do wish we did, was take a ton more pictures! =/

Most of our trip was full of snow and bared the true definition of winter. The snow for us southerners was something we had to get use too, although I can say it wasn't too bad to look at. Thankfully, the snow didn't hold onto the roadways for too long, which made traveling by vehicle much easier and less scarier. I sure did enjoy visiting New Jersey, because I have never been, but I can say I was ready to see the sunny 75 degree weather back home. 

Driving over the water bridge to Jersey Shore had me thinking about the MTV show Jersey Shore and I caught myself trying to pinpoint different landmarks I might have seen on the show. Well that didn't work too, considering I haven't watched the show in who knows how long and everything on TV looks different in person. 

Going to the boardwalk in the middle of the winter was an experience all in its own. It wasn't hustling and bustling compared to summer time, it was the complete opposite. I actually enjoyed it, mainly because we were able to walk around and take in the views without any disruptions. Sadly, we made our visit to the boardwalk a year after the hurricane had destroyed the iconic Ferris wheel and the majority of the boardwalk, but it was still amazing to see in person nonetheless. 

It was quite interesting for us to see snow on the the beach. We are so use to the beaches in Florida only having pretty tan sand, so it was nice surprise to see on the Jersey Shore. I also thought those benches were pretty cool. The back side was reversible, so you were able to face the beach or the stores, which I thought was convenient. 

We spent a while admiring the newly built boardwalk. Although it had been many years since my husband had seen it and I have never been before, we had nothing to compare it too, we still found the reconstruction amazing. It was a really awesome idea to etch the names into the boardwalk themselves, we weren't sure if the names were the major people who donated, or citizens affected by the hurricane, or the store owners who lost their stores. Nonetheless, it was nice to incorporate their names into the boardwalk itself. 

I enjoyed our vacation, it was our first one together in the whole 8 years we have been together! We plan to take many more, at least once every year, because we both realized how much we love to travel and explore! I will continue to hold on to all our memories in New Jersey & only hope to go back again soon.

To be continued... =)

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