Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Little Things | Thank Yous

So this past Saturday my husband & I spent the morning volunteering for the MS SIDS Alliance. 

This alliance is incredible, because it was founded by a woman who had lost her 3 month old daughter to SIDS. If you are not aware what SIDS is, its an acronym that stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Doctors are unaware what causes this syndrome and why it happens to infants. This woman and her husband had lost their daughter when there wasn't any type of support, as far as grievance, funeral arrangements, & etc. She then created this Alliance that helps/supports others who have lost their babies to SIDS. They don't only focus on SIDS but offer help to any parent that lost a child. My friend personally when through a loss and they offered their hand in anything they could help with. It was touching and amazing the type of help that was offered. 

On Saturday they had a fundraiser/event called Walk for Babies. One of my husband's co-workers is a member of this alliance and had mentioned the event and invited anyone to come and volunteer or just walk in it. So my husband and I chose to volunteer. It was the least I could do to thank them for their support for my friend. We ended up being the popcorn poppers! =) They had just bought a machine for popcorn and we went to work on popping the popcorn for all the supporters. It was a blast! 

Let me tell you, this event was amazing. The turn out (even though it was EARLY, FREEZING, & WINDY) was unbelievable! I had an incredible time and enjoyed seeing all the people come and show their support for this alliance. 

Well today I was checking the mail and saw we had an envelope from MS SIDS Alliance. I was a little shocked because I didn't expect anything from them in the mail. When I opened it and saw that it was a thank you card and two bookmarks for volunteers, I was beyond grateful. 

The little things, such as a thank you, makes me so happy and we didn't need a thank you whatsoever, but the thought that they think we did is an awesome feeling. We will definitely be back next year and cant wait to volunteer/support for other events! 

If you are interested in this alliance and would like information please visit their website MS SIDS Alliance. All the members of this alliance are awesome and incredible! Pay them a visit and show them some support! 

Much love all! =) 

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