Thursday, April 17, 2014

Memories | Throw Back Thursday

As many of you have seen on Instagram (where it started) and Facebook, Twitter, etc, Throw Back Thursdays are quite poplar. You can see a range of time frames, anywhere from a couple days ago to years ago. I always find these posts interesting, especially if they are from way in the person's past. I enjoy them for many reasons, whether is getting to know a little piece of that person, or just seeing what they looked like back then, or sharing memories with each other. I also commend the ones who post throw back Thursday photos of themselves that are meant to stay in the photo albums (if you catch my drift, the easily embarrassed ones), not all of us are that brave. 

As we journey into my past, the first thing I always think of, is how young I look! It doesn't seem like that much time has passed, but yet it has. Bringing it way back to almost 9 years ago, when my husband and I first started dating. The photo above is one of the first pictures we have ever taken together. I cherish this photo and find my self looking at it quite often. It brings back so many memories of our first year dating and how amazing it truly was. Thankfully that smile my husband (then boyfriend) had, still shows its face often. =) Below is almost a year later, not quite our one year anniversary, but only a few months shy. Again, I think of how young I look and that was only 8 years ago. 

The photo below is a super throw back and before my time. The two people in the photo are my father and my grandmother. Two very important people to me and I cherish them dearly. I am not exactly how long ago this was, or what year it was in, or how old my father was, but I love to see photos of my parents and grandparents in their younger days. Its awesome to see who I resemble most between my family. 

Thanks for reading a piece of my history, hopefully you will share yours with me! =) 

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