Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Beauty | Simple EOTD

#EOTD | Eyes of the Day 

Trust me when I say this is beyond simple. If you read my Liebster Award post (if not, click here), you would remeber the question asked if I prefer eyeliner or mascara. I answered the question basically stating that I prefer mascara over eyeliner. My everyday eye look is long natural lashes with mascara and that is it.
Some days, like today, I feel like adding a little pazazz (if that is even how you spell that word). I do that by adding a winged liner. Okay nothing fancy, nothing too crazy, but I love it for work and it is still keeping it simple.

 Products Used:

  • My two holy grail mascaras combined (Click Here for detailed post)
  • Maybelline Line Stilletto Liquid Liner in Blackest Black
  • Too faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner in Perfect Black
  • Lorac Pro Palette| Tan Eyeshadow (substitute for any flesh tone e/s)
Those four (technically five) products are all I use. I simply use the Tan e/s from the Lorac Pro Palette and sweep that all over the lid. This creates an even canvas and covers any discoloration. Then I take the Too Faced eyeliner and tightline my upper lashline. I also take this above the lashes to create a (not perfect) line to use as a guideline for my liquid liner. Lets be honest, I am not perfect at making winged liner and using the pencil liner first makes it easier to create. Then, you guessed it, I use the Maybelline liquid liner and create that wing/cat-eye. I usually follow the line I created with the pencil liner and towards the end create that wing. After that, I simply do my mascara combo. That is it. Not too much to it, but it makes it look like you took some time to do your make up.
Let me know what you guys think, & if you would like to see more EOTD posts. Also, share your EOTDs with me! :)
Until Next Time,
Avie T. 


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