Thursday, May 15, 2014

#BEDM | Blog Everyday In May Day 15

Topic: Share your blogging tips or fave blogging experiences

Well since I haven't been blogging that long, I am going to share my favorite blogging experiences so far. I must admit my all time favorite part about blogging is meeting new people, especially ones who share the same interest as you. I would have to say that is my favorite experience so far. Just meeting new people. As a new blogger, I haven't experienced much in the blogging world, but I have met quite a few blogger friends. It's nice to share some interest with others and get tips for things you may not know. Another experience that would have to be fave, is doing my very first review. I did a review on Jamberry Nails (If you haven't checked it out, Click Here). It was fun to do, because I got to try a new product, and give my full honest opinion about it, without any interruptions. I also realized just how much work really goes into those reviews (Props go out to all the bloggers who do a lot of reviews). 

I can tell you an experience I have just ran into, is time management. I haven't been on top of my game with time lately. So if any of you bloggers out there have any tips on time management, I would love to hear them! Thanks in advance. ;)

Sorry for the short post, hope you enjoyed it nonetheless. 

Until Next Time,
Avie T. 


  1. Through blogging I have been introduced to so many lovely ladies too :-) If it wasn't for our blog we would of never meet hey :-) Well E-meet LOL
    As for time management I have a little trick. Sometimes it takes me hours to write a blog post and it can be exhausting. To combat this I spend a little bit of time on a post each day. When it is ready to be published I publish it :-)
    So half an hour each night for 3-4 nights makes it so much easier to write a post compared to spend 2-3 hours straight on it :-)
    Keep up the good work sweets x

    1. Yes I would have to agree Gemma! Meeting people in the blogging world is so much fun & makes it all worth it! :D

      Thanks for the advice! That is an awesome idea also! I am going to have to use your method along with scheduling. I am going to try to knock posts out on days I am doing absolutely nothing (which I'm not sure when that will be, hehe) & try working on different posts for a limited time, instead of trying to knock them out in one sweep!

      Thanks again Gemma! :)

  2. I start drafts on a blog post idea as soon as I have the idea. Then when I can find the time I go back in and work on it little by little. :) Hope that helps. How did you get just the snippets to show on your homepage? Mine show full posts and I want the snippets but I couldn't figure out how to change it!

    1. Hey girl, thanks for the feedback! Really appreciate it.

      I got the little snippets by adding a "Page Break" right after where I want the "Read More" link to go. If you use blogger and use the "Compose" way there will be an icon that looks like ripped paper. When you click on that, it adds the page break for you where you want it. A solid bar will show up where ever you place that page break.

      Let me know if that made any sense to you. hehe =]