Tuesday, May 6, 2014

#BEDM | Blog Everyday in May Day 6

Topic: Passion Projects 

When I sit here and think about everything I love to do, or choose to do, I realized just how many things I truly feel passion about and would truly love doing for a living.
Let's start with the obvious; literally all things beauty. I find myself graviting towards beauty products over anything. I love learning anything new when it comes to beauty. When learning these things, I notice how it sticks so much easier than other subjects. An example would be learning about all natural beauty products vs biology. It would take me so much longer to comprehend anything that has to do with biology. I've always wanted to be a make up artist, but have came to realization that I really like doing my own, more than others.  I'm sure I wanted to be one because I wanted that huge make up train case and wanted to play around with all that make up. ;p
Another thing I am so passionate about is photography. I am no professional, but I love taking photos. One day I want to take that passion for photography and grow my skills.
Last but not least is my blogging. I have only started, but I have loved doing it. I am so happy I have started this blog and love watching it grow. Like everything else in life, it takes hard work and dedication. I truly find myself thinking about blog posts all day long. I think about new subjects, whether or not I have a post going up, or just constantly checking my stats and comments. I love it and feel so passionate about. I also feel this way because I have met and learned from other bloggers.
All of these I feel very passionate about and feel if I could making a living off of these, I would be one happy camper (not to mention, they all can connect with one another one way or another). I wouldn't complain about anything at all. :D
Until Next Time,
Avie T.

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