Thursday, May 1, 2014

#BEDM | Blog Everyday In May Challenge Day 1

Last month had been a great month as far as blogger feedback and recieving internet recognition. I really have enjoyed all the communication with fellow bloggers, so when I saw the Blog Everyday in May Challenge, I thought I need to do this! It is an awesome way to further my connections and find other awesome blogs to read! Thank you Elizabeth at Rosalilium for introducing this! Also, thanks to Twenties Chic for starting this challenge today, also! =] If you haven't checked both of these blogs out, I totally recommend that you do!
If you are not familiar with #BEDM, it is a challenge to blog everyday for the month of May. It is very similar to the AtoZ Challenege that was happening last month, but has it's own little twist to it. This challenge has pre-selected topics for each day already laid out, which makes it easier on the brain. Lol ;p
So the very first topic is to tell everyone what your blog is about:
My blog doesn't have a certain topic or a specific category. It is basically an all around blog, that lets anyone take a look into my mind/world. It is also a way to share all my interests with every one. Its almost like a diary, except its published to anyone who finds this blog. :) I also have had a huge love/passion for anything beauty/makeup related for as long as I can remember and I made this blog to also release that love for make up and share with other beauty lovers.
I look forward to completing this challenge! And reading all the posts!

Until next time,
Avie T.


  1. I'm really looking forward to reading your posts each day hun xx

    1. Thanks Gemma, keeping my fingers crossed I can keep up! Lol ;p

  2. I love hearing your everyday thoughts, and I really enjoyed the mascara post!

    PS: Although it's cheating, I nominated you back for the Liebster award. You can see it here:

    1. Thank you so much Wesley! I do appreciate it & I will most def do another post!

      Loved your answers by the way! =]