Monday, May 5, 2014

#BEDM | Blog Everday in May Challenge Day 5

Topic: Cinco De Mayo/ Lets be Mexican

This day has a special meaning to me other than it being the well known Mexican holiday, Cinco De Mayo. Today also happens to the day my hubby was brought into this world. Although, he has never been big on celebrating his birthday, I still try to make his day, just that, all about him (because we all know, I want the same on my birthday, LOL). So happy birthday to my hubby & happy cinco de mayo to all! 

Although Mexian food happens to be one of my favorite things to eat on a normal basis, I want to eat it even more on Cinco De Mayo. I'm not one for huge crowds and today brings huge crowds to Mexican restaurants. Since I don't like to deal with the crowds, but I want Mexican food, why not celebrate at home and make your own!? I am going to share a few  recipes that my hubby and I like to make to celebrate this day.  

Just a fair warning, these recipes are going to contain no meat. I'm sure you can add meat to each of these recipes, but my hubby and I try to eat less meat as possible. Just a little heads up, so let the recipes begin! =D

Mexican Roll-ups

I found this one on I chose this one to present first because I am making this on for lunch. If you want an easy meal to make, this is the one. This requires no cooking/backing. Just simply mix the ingredients together and slap on the tortilla wraps. Viola! You have a simple lunch meal. 

Spinach Enchiladas

This one is also super easy and super yummy. I found this on Also another I plan to make tonight for dinner. We both love us some spinach, so this one is right up our alley. 

Cheesy Mexican Dip

Also another easy one. This one would be great for snacking all day between meals. Super simple and if you love cheese, like we do, then this one is great for you! You can find the recipe on The only thing I did different for this one, was throw all the ingredients into a crockpot. I did this because this recipe is one we would snack all day and having it in the crockpot keeps it warm all day. Super delicious! =)

Disclaimer: All pictures belong to the owners of the recipes. Also all recipes are not by me and have been found through Pinterest. Each recipe is linked to each individual owner. I do not take credit for any of the recipes listed, just simply sharing some yummy finds. =)

I hope you guys enjoy these recipes. Let me know in the comments below if you try any of these out. 

Until Next time,
Avie T. 

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