Monday, May 12, 2014

#BEDM | Blog Everyday in May Challenge Day 12 | How to De-Stress While Driving

Today's post was supposed to be about walking to work. Since I have never walked to work because I live over 25 miles away from my current job, I thought I would write about ways to DE-stress during a long drive to or from work.

I'm sure many of us have experienced that road rage driver and/or have been one. It is never fun being in front of that person or just being that person period. It is vital to remain stress free while driving (stress free for everything period for that matter, hehe). 

Here are a few tips and tricks to staying stress free while driving:

  1. Leave Earlier: Doing this will keep you from worrying about time. I am one of those people who stress over time. If I feel like I am running late (& I happen to be 10 mins early, haha) I get really anxious and stressed out. So leaving early prevents me from feeling that way and makes for a calmer drive to work.
  2. Listen to Music: I find listening to music while driving makes driving to work a little less stressful. When I am enjoying the music I tend to relax more and not worry about too much while driving. If music isn't your thing, try listening to your audiobook during your commute.
  3. Drive Defensively: I believe when I am driving aggressively, I am more stressed out and worried about everything a lot more. When I am driving defensively, my drive to work is much calmer and more relaxing. 
  4. Carpooling: If this an option for you, carpool. Not only does this help the Earth, it helps with a less stressed drive (as long as the driver isn't a crazy driver, hehe). Keeping each other company helps to bring some of the focus on the conversation and not so much on the long commute.
  5. Aromatherapy: Lavender happens to be a relaxing scent. So grabbing a lavender scented air freshener or putting a couple drops of lavender essential oil on a cloth, helps to keep the stress levels lower. Also using peppermint essential oils can help to keep your senses while driving heightened. 

So I challenge you all to try these tips to make your drive to work a little less stressful and become those happy drivers. :) 

 Share with me in the comments below any tips you have to make your commute stress free. 

Until Next Time, 
Avie T. 


  1. Haha so funny, I definitely get road rage--bad! Leaving earlier is the number one tip for sure, there's really no need for all that stress so early in the morning! lol

    1. Lol yea, I can get stressed if I am leaving late. But I'm sure we all have been there before. hahah :)