Friday, May 9, 2014

#BEDM | Blog Everyday in May Day 9

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  1. the act of an instance of motivating, or providing with a reason to act in a certain way.
  2. the state or condition of being motivated
  3. something that motivates; inducement; incentive 

This is actually kind of funny. Today I lack all motivation to type this post, but because this is for BEDM, it is a must for me to complete it. Why do I lack the motivation, you ask? Well I have a headache that I have been fighting since last night & the weather sucks outside today.
When I use to hear people say weather changes your mood, I thought they were over exaggerating. Today, I believe it. The weather has been real damper out and my mood has been the same way. I have been slacking on all tasks today and all I want to do is sleep.
Let me give you a few pictures of what keeps me motivated to visit Japan. If you are not aware, Japan is the number one destination on my husband and I's travel bucketlist. There isn't many places my hubby and I agree on for travel, but Japan has us both sold. I don't know if its just the amazing pictures I have seen, or the culture. Either way, we both want to visit there one day. So I am going to share with you all the pictures that drive our motivation to save for that trip.

These beautiful flowers have always been a favorite of mine. What other places can I see these beauties in abundance!? Of course I have seen cherry blossoms other places, but the parks in Japan are filled with them, so it's a must for me to see.

The buildings and Japanese shrines are amazing in photos also. We both want to experience all of those personally one day also. Check out this blog post I stumbbled upon when looking at photos of Japan. (Japanese Shrine Visit) Kate has many awesome photos of one of the shrines she visited in Japan.
Although you can see rice paddies in other countries, we have wanted to see them in Japan also. In the photos, the rice paddies seem to continue on and on and on, almost never ending. It would be amazing to see that in person and to take in the scenery.
I can't wait to visit one day and produce pictures of my own. Stay tuned for a blog post on that one day! ;)
Share withe me what motivates you and places you would love to visit! I would love to hear all about it!
Until Next Time,
Avie T.


  1. You're so good about the challenge! I didn't make it on Thursday :( Japan looks amazing!! I would love to visit one day, take me with you! haha ;)

    1. Thanks girl! I have to admit, it is a little more challenging than I had originally thought. Especially with the pre-planned topics!

      Yes, Japan is a must visit! You ready to go tomorrow!? lol ;)