Saturday, May 31, 2014

I Made It!! | #BEDM Day 31

Yay everyone, I have offically made it!! Made it through what some of you are wondering, I made it through BEDM (Blog Everyday in May Challenge)!
Let me start by saying this, the word challenge is an understatement! haha :P Yes, it was truly a challenge. At first, I was off to a great start, getting my posts out at a reasonable time and nothing really going wrong. Then bam, I got hit with the stress train! Not only did I have tons and tons of things to do for work, I was trying to complete quality posts at a reasonable time. One goal I had for myself (other than finish this challenge) was to get the posts out before 10 am. I am late bird, because I work a mid-afternoon to late night job. So I am up late and have tons of time before work to get posts done. Okay, maybe that wasn't a good idea if I was going to complete the post the day before. I quickly realize that wasn't quite reasonable. So at that moment, maybe midway through the challenge, I found myself questioning whether I should call it quits. I am not one to quit anything and this challenge was no exception. Once I started feeling overwhelmed, I really wanted to just say its okay, I can  try it again next time. No, I told myself, that is not going to happen.
Viola! I didn't quit! Thankful I didn't and thankful I found some advice that really started working for me. I quickly turned the my blogging communities and asked some wonderful ladies (that are much much more experienced than I am) for some well needed advice. Most of these women are mommies, work jobs, and blog regularly. So the advice these lovely ladies gave me were taken very seriously.
The number one advice I got was scheduling. OMG, I thought to myself, I have done the scheduling before but for a post I knew I wasn't going to be home at the time I wanted it go out. So why didn't I think of that, I'm not sure. Let me tell any of you struggling with staying on a regular posting schedule, scheduling is key! Also, working on posts little by little when I have time and not focusing on one for hours and hours for one night was another important piece of advice I recieved. These two combined had released all my worries and stress.
I found them to work the best for me because of my schedule. Some times I have tons of time and would be able to complete a post in one night. Other times I have hardly any time at all and is possible to be that way for days. I started to take advantage of the times I had plenty of down time and knocking posts out and scheduling them for days I needed them to go out. The other times when I had hardly any spare time, I just worked on posts little at a time. Boy oh boy this worked wonders. I was able to keep my posts going and had them coming out at the same time every morning. It was completely wonderful and felt so great. And did I mention it was a total relief and weight off my shoulders. I no longer worried about having to quitting. =D
After trying out my first challenge and really getting a real taste of how it can be, I realized how much harder blogging can really be. I give props to all the bloggers out there that work, are mommies, go to school, and blog! I am grateful this challenge ends right before my classes start, because I would probably start stressing again. Lol ;)
I hope you all enjoyed my Blog Everyday in May posts! If there is any topic you thought was amazing and would love to read more on, let me know in the comments below. Any feedback is very much welcomed!


  1. We made it!!! I am so proud of you, you rocked that challenge girl!!

    1. Woop woop! Super excited we made it through! Thanks girl, I tried! haha =]