Wednesday, May 7, 2014

#BEDM | Blog Everyday in May Challenge Day 7

Topic: Must Haves or Dream Gadgets

I could write about dream gadgets all day. I have a long list of items I want and plan to get one day to enhance my passions (read all about my passions here). So instead of going all detailed I'm going to list by photo. I'm a visual person, so I love seeing photos. :P

My Dream Gadgets

Canon T3i: I want this to better my photos and I've always wanted to do photography. So this has always been a dream gadget. I've done extensive research on this camera too, so its the one! hehe ;p

Photography Light Boxes: This would be used to better the lighting for my photos. Also to help so that swatches and items don't get washed out by regular lighting.

Photography Backdrop: I want this to keep all of my personal things out of the photos. Also to make the photos look cleaner and to have the focus purely on the items.


My Everyday Must Haves

iPhone: I use this thing daily, whether its for personal use or for blogging. Its in constant use and never far from me. Fun Fact: I use it for my blog photos also. hehe ;p
iPad: Not as crucial as my iPhone, but when I want to do blog stuff, or watch Youtube, or watch Netlix, etc. but don't want to deal with the small screen on my phone. My iPad takes over.
Laptop/Desktop: I figured I would combine these two. All things considered, I use my desktop or laptop when I don't want to deal with my iPad or iPhone. Pretty much one thing replaces the other, then the other gets replaced by another, and so on. haha ;p

Aside from my everyday items that I need to function. Those are pretty much the only items that are a must have. I say items because if I started getting deep on you guys, I could list things for days! So I kept this at a minimum and stuck to simple items.

Share your must everyday haves and dream gadgets with me in the comments below. I would love to hear what you guys want and use on a daily basis.

Until Next Time,
Avie T.


  1. You should start a photography company as you side hustle ;) lol those cameras look like serious business!

    1. I would love to do that! Hopefully one day I can! :)

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  3. That light box if everything! Makes it hard not to have perfect pictures. I'm not a iPhone user, I'm a galaxy girl but I love my iPad.. so convenient.

    1. Yes the light-box is a must! I def want one to have more professional looking photos!