Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Blog Shoutouts | #BEDM Day 28

Before I started my own blog I read a lot of other's blogs. Most of them happened to be youtube gurus, who I loved to watch and then get more detail on their blogs. After starting my own and joining different communities, some in my niche and some not, I found a lot of blogs I love to read daily. I check a lot of these blogs out all the time and follow many of them on different social media platforms.
In this post I am going to do a blog shout out and hope some of you find some new ones! & if you have some blogs you recommend, please share them in the comments below! I am always looking for new blogs to read!
Lets get on with the list!
Anna Elise @ The Beauty Section | Anna blogs all about fashion and beauty. She has great posts on beauty and reviews! 
Flore @ Floor's World | Flore also blogs about fashion and beauty. Another great blog to read for reviews on items and personal opinions on products. She also has awesome tutorials!
Gemma Sapphire @ Lady Saphhire Blog | Another great blog for all things beauty. Gemma has amazing reviews on products and awesome make up look posts. She also has an amazing section on her blog for real life stories (which by the way has incredible stories on there) that are worth the read!
Kat Shepsutt @ Kat's Colourings | Kat has a great blog with all things beauty! I love her eye look posts that she has quite often. She is incredible with color.
Kate Lynn @ The Organized Dream | Kate's blog is all about life and home. She has amazing food posts and is very creative. Definitly recommend if you are all about home and love DIY projects.

Madame~Dreamer | She blogs about anything in her life. She has amazing posts on her blog now that pertain to things in her life currently. Her and I started blogging around the same time and are growing together in this blogging world.
Michelle Stanley @ The Writer-Way | If you want to read some great short stories, this is the place to go. Michelle has amazing writing skills and her stories are awesome. When she did the AtoZ Challenage I was in heaven, because I was able to read a new short story everyday. Definitely take the time to read some of her stories!
Natasha Peter @ Epic Mommy Adventures | I first found Natasha's blog because of her re-occuring Social Media Link Up Parties. After finding her blog and reading her post I was hooked. She blogs about all things mommy in her life and provides advice for other mommy's out there.
Penny Chevalley @ The Real Housewife of Caroline County | Penny blogs all about mommyhood, beauty, and anything she desires. She has posts on recipes, creative ideas, makeup, her pregnancy journey, and much much more. Love her blog and content!
Sam Brown @ Smart Twenties | Sam blogs about her journey in her twenties. She also shares advice and has an awesome re-occuring monthly post sharing her budget and spending for that month. I love it and find it a great way to reflect on your spending habits month by month.
Jen @ Twenties Chic | Jen is currently engaging in the Blog Everyday in May challenge. She too blogs about all things twenties and shares advice. Another great blog to check out!
Varinder Jeet @ Make Up Me and Yoyo | Another amazing blog all around beauty. Varinder has amazing posts on reviews and are totally honest. Another must!
Wesley Ramirez @ Working Nerd Alert | Wesley blogs all about the new person entering the work force. She provides amazing advice for work situations.

These are most of the blogs I read on a daily and I highly recommend them all. Again if you have any blogs you recommend for me to check out please leave their link in the comments below!



  1. Thank you for the love and sharing!! So glad you are enjoying what I post :) Keep the content coming!

  2. Thanks so much Avie! Really appreciate it, I love your blog too! You are doing an amazing job!
    I also think that we should all stick together and credit eachother! You inspired me to also do a blogpost where I can just share the love and give shoutouts to great bloggers!

    1. Awe that is awesome! I look forward to seeing your post and checking out your blogger recommendatinos! :)

  3. Thanks for the love! Yours is one of my favorite blogs too.
    Gotta love the strength of the blogging community

  4. Thank you for sharing my blog! You are too kind and I greatly appreciate it! You Rock!! :D

  5. Yey. I love discovering new blogs. thanks for this post :-) Laura

  6. Oh hun thank you so much :)
    I adore your blog so much. It's THE place to come when I need a pick me up. You always get me smiling xx

    1. Awe that is so great to hear! Glad I can put a smile on your face! :)

  7. Oh you sweet thing Avie - thanks a bunch for the mention hon :-) I'm slowly working my way through your list, LOVE seeing what bogs my favourite bloggers like xxx