Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Home Sweet Home | #BEDM Day 14

I have lived many places (mainly due to the military), but I've grown to realize what home really is. I feel like home isn't based one where you live but more about where you have built something for yourself. Whether it is buying a house, starting a career, or starting your own family, where you built it, is where your home is. I can honestly say, home is where my husband is. If he wanted to move to another state for a job, I would go with him in a heart beat. Of course there would be the normal talk throughs, but if it felt right, I wouldn't hesitate. 

I call MS my home now more than any other state I've lived in. We've made a home and a name for ourselves here and it feels wonderful. We have built something for ourselves here without the help of others and that is why it is now our home sweet home. 

We bought our first home here at the end of last year, an accomplishment we have been planning for for years. Now we are planning for a second home and growth in both our careers. 

I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us! :) 

What do you consider home sweet home & why? I would love to hear all of your thoughts. Leave a comment below so we can have discussions! :) 
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Avie T.
[P.S] I apologize for the late posts lately. I've been struggling with time management. If you have any tips, please help a girl out! hehe =]

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