Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Random | Pet Love | Happy 6th Bday

I came to realize I hardly ever blog out my dog. I found that shocking because he is a huge part of my life. All my friends say I post pictures of him on Facebook (Click Here to like my Facebook) like others post pictures of their kids. I can actually agree with them on that one, because I really do treat him like he is my kid. Hubby and I do not have any children right now & he's our only true responsibility outside of regular grown up things (hehe, you know the dreadful bills & all). ;p 

Today my little love bug turned 6 years old in human years. Some would say he is actually 42 in dog years (woo he's the oldest of the bunch, let's not give him any ideas now). 

He went from this adorable, always wanting to cuddle, & always wanting to be held little puppy. We got our sweet boy when he was 14 weeks old & he clung to us like it was meant to be. Believe me when I say, I took advantage of being able to hold him all the time, because it wouldn't be long before he grew too big. 

This is one day after we picked him up. We took him to the vet to get his very first check up and to make sure everything was all well. He sat so patiently on my lap, no worries in the world for this little one. :) 

Now look at my love bug, so big and taking all the space in the pic. ;p How time flies these days, but I can't complain because he is still healthy as can be. He still has the energy of a puppy (maybe a little less, but still super energetic). & he's still happy as ever. 

Again, happy 6th birthday to my not so little one. Although he can't read this, or probably doesn't even understand it's his birthday, I still felt the need to write this post. Hehe ;) 

Until Next Time, 
Avie T.

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  1. He's adorable, and still has a puppy face! So cute!

    1. Thanks hun! He def knows how to work them puppy eyes. hehe =]

  2. Happy Birthday Pup!!! How gorgeous is he :D I love him!!!
    What a cutie pie :D

    1. Thanks Gemma! Don't let that cute face fool you! Lol ;p