Friday, May 2, 2014

Beauty | April Faves 2014

April has come and gone, in what feels like such little time, & then comes May. Since April has officially said it's good bye for the year, I thought I would start sharing my monthly favorites. This month mainly consists of all things beauty, but I do not plan to limit it to beauty products. With all that said let's get into my April favorites. :) 

My Holy Grail Mascara Combo: I have done a blog post on this dynamic duo, and went into detail on both products, so if you haven't read that post yet, you can Click Here

NYX Brow Powder: I have been using this product for months and months, and I haven't wanted to change it once. It works for those who love natural looking brows, but at the same time like statement brows. I naturally have thicker and dark brows, so I love how this matches so perfectly. 

Lorac Pro Palette: My number one go-to eyeshadow palette! Absolutely love this and I don't know what I would do without it. I don't wear a whole lot of make up everyday, but when I want a natural look I can go to this palette. At the same time, I can rock a dark, full on eye look all with this palette. A must have, if you don't have it yet. If anyone wants a full review on this palette, please let me know in the comments below! 

Maybelline Color Tattoos: The two here are my absolute favorites! I have a full review on one of them, if you haven't read that post, Click Here. The pink one is a go to for everyday but want a little color. It is easily wearable on its own & with other shadows. 

Healthy Sexy Hair: The only hairspray I use. I've tried many and this is the only one I have loved consistently. It doesn't leave that residue most hairsprays do and it holds so well without that well known hairspray crunch. A must try if you haven't before. 

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque: The BEST, BEST, BEST deep repair masque for hair by far! I use this twice a week and it makes my hair feel so soft and completely healthy. You can feel the difference on the first use and the feeling lasts until the next time you use it (well for me at least, since I use it so often). 

My Go-To Foundation Combo: Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation and Physician Formula Youthful Wear Spotless Foundation are amazing together. I don't wear foundation often (has been mentioned in my Liebster Nomination Post, click here to read more), but when I do, I don't like the feeling of heaviness or stickiness. When I combine these two together, it adds the perfect amount of coverage without leaving that icky feeling I can't stand. I recommend everyone try this combo and let me know what you all think! If a full review is wanted, comment below! :) 

As I say good bye to April, I welcome May with open arms. I also look forward to possibly adding or changing some faves for May. ;p

May also brings a Blog Everyday in May Challenge; I've posted my first post already, if you haven't read it, Click Here.

Thank you all for reading, if anyone wants a full review on any of my fave products, comment below and I would love to do that review. Also, if any of you have any recommendations for me to try and possibly add to my May Faves, please leave a comment also. I love recommendations!

Until Next Time,
Avie T.

[P.S] This month I will not have a Nails of the Month post, because I didn't do anything to my nails all month. I left them natural so they could get back to normal strength, due to the acrylics I was wearing. So please stay tuned for next month's Nail of the Month post. If you haven't seen March's post, Click Here


  1. I love the Maybelline color tattoos as well!
    I wear the shade 'bad to the bronze' all the time :)
    - C
    Claudine Converses

    1. Ohh yes! They are my fav for cream shadows! "Bad to the Bronze" is the perfect everyday shade too!