Thursday, May 29, 2014

Wishlist | #BEDM Day 29

I have to be honest when I read the subject for today's BEDM post I was stumped. There isn't much I wish for in this world. A lot of things I can get one way or another, sometimes easily and sometimes it takes a little more work. So I was completely at a loss for a post on this one. 

Then it hit me, it doesn't have to be a wish list for objects. It could be a wishlist for bigger things or simply for people around you. Once I looked at the bigger picture, I couldn't stop thinking of different things. 

So this post is going to be about my wishlist, but not an object wishlist, but my true personal within in my heart wishlist. Somethings are completely out of my control and others at some point in my life they can happen if I set my heart to it completely. 

The List | 

My Grandma & Grandpa | The first thing I would have on my wishlist would be to have my grandma and grandpa alive again. They unfortunately passed away when I was younger. I have very fond memories of them both and wish I could have spent so much more time with them.
My Mother | The reason I have my mother on here is because I so badly want to live near her. By near I mean within 5 mins of her. If I had a choice, she would live right down the street and I would be at her house all the time and vice versa.
My Dad | The same reason as my mother, I have my dad on here. I so badly want my family near me. I even wouldn't mind if they were just an hour away. With them both being so far away it makes it difficult to visit them on a re-occuring basis.
More Time | Like most busy people, more time is always a wish. I am no different. Some days I feel like I have accomplished the world. Other days I feel like I got nothing done and only wish I had more time.
Pandas | This wish may be competely random, but I wish pandas would come off of the endangered list. Pandas happen to be one of my favorite animals and I support wildlife funds for them. I wish people would stop poaching them and let them be the docile animal they are.
Gorillas | Exact same reason as the pandas. To be honest, there are a lot of animals on the endangered lists and I want them all to be left alone. I just added these two because they are my two favorite exotic animals.
So I hope you guys enjoyed a little of my wishlist. I could have gone on and on, but then I started thinking about which ones are more goals than a wish. So I had to cut it short. haha ;) I had to hold myself back from writing a list of things I want. Mainly because I can or eventually will buy those items. I find that a little different from a wishlist, but I may be completely wrong on that one. hehe :) Let me know if I am thinking of a wishlist in the wrong way, please!
Anyway, share some of your wishlist items with me in the comments below. I would love to hear all about your wishlist.


  1. I agree with you about your wishlist. Mine is short also. I believe that being healthy, happy and in the company of our loved ones is probably all we need--emotionally in life--.....then there's food. I like food. lol. Great post!!!

    1. Thanks hun! Yesss, food is a must! ;)

      I agree with you 100%! It really is all you need to be emotionally happy. :)